Welcome to the LD Independent School Network for Children with Learning Differences

There are specialized independent schools throughout the world that are designed for children with learning differences.

We have created an affiliation of LD schools named The Independent School Network or ISN. In general, we believe that these children have tremendous potential that is often overlooked or mishandled in many traditional school environments.  When explicitly taught skills these children can strengthen their weaker cognitive areas so they can excel with their cognitive strengths.

Our individual schools can vary greatly in terms of their size and target population.   Broadly, these target populations include language-based learning differences (dyslexia, language impairments), ADHD, executive function, and non-verbal learning differences (Aspergers).  However, we also share similarities in our approaches and longterm goals for these children.

If you are looking for an independent school for a child with a learning difference you can click on the link below to see LD Schools around the country

LD Independent School list w/ websites